Professional website maintenance contracts from £29 per month

Professional website maintenance contracts from £29 per month

Yes that is correct, Kingdomedia do provide professional website Maintenance Contracts from as little as £29 per month.

The Benefits outweigh the investment cost

    • Regular updating of plugins (third party software) enhances your security
    • Your website gets regular tender loving care, becoming more Google-friendly
    • Fresh content added to your News Blog or other pages keeps your site looking fresh
    • Fresh content also provides opportunities to signpost from your social media platforms
    • Professional research, marketing and creative writing skills provided
    • Crafted SEO for your News Blogs increases your ranking with Google
    • Existing and new visitors have greater confidence in your organisation

Professional website maintenance contracts from £40 per month

Do you need help keeping your news feed up-to-date? Is your website getting the TLC that it needs to stay secure and in favour with Google? We craft SEO into all our websites as part of the service.

As we have reported in some previous articles: Content will always be King for good SEO which is why we always recommend that your website includes some form of News Blog. You should always Punch above your weight when it comes to promoting your businesses, SME or community charity project.

Here are just a few examples of ‘mini-blog’ articles which Kingdomedia have created for a variety of clients:

Lost Chord UK volunteer crowned as an official Coronation Champion!

An introduction to International Freight Solutions (IFS)

Rock Foundation UK – Caistor Site

Men’s meeting with special guest speaker Baz Gascoyne

Another website refresh, this time for IFS

Another website refresh, this time for IFS

International Freight Solutions Ltd Logo
We like to give added value to loyal clients and every couple of years it’s good to update a website and re-evaluate its objectives. So here we are proud to reveal International Freight Solutions new look.
We have been working with International Freight Solutions Ltd since 2016 after initially creating a brand for their business. Since then, we have enjoyed producing a variety of media for IFS including: an exhibition stand, promotional literature, email marketing, creating news blog design and content, and online ordering systems.
We want to ensure the site evolves with the changing business of IFS to give them a good return on their investment. Another recent client said that their website is their hardest working member and we are delighted to share that this has been the case for IFS, championing their business 24/7.
Visit their website:
Buying professional websites – FAQ’s

Buying professional websites – FAQ’s

It is a well known fact that commissioning and launching a professional website can be a little daunting. In our experience some people have a huge list of questions and others just don’t know what to ask. For this reason we decided to provide a guide to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ when buying a website.

Some of the most common website FAQ’s that we are asked…

Click below for plain speaking answers

How much will my website cost?

Our prices typically start from £549 (mini website), although we give discount to community projects. See our price list guide.

Can I keep my existing email address?

Yes, you can. However, if we are hosting your website, we will need to talk about who provides your email currently, as we need to be aware of some technical settings, in order to ensure that your email continues working. It is not uncommon for email to be hosted in a different place to your website hosting.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s about optimising websites to make them reach a high position in Google’s – or another search engine’s – search results. SEO focuses on rankings in the organic (non-paid) search results.

For example, when you type: “florists sheffield” into Google, you will be shown a long list of results. Typically, some of these entries will be featured as sponsored links (Ads which are paid for). Below such Ads there will be the “natural listing”.

At Kingdomedia, as well as designing and developing a page or post, we carefully craft the SEO to help stay in favour with Google and other Search Engines.

What is Responsive Design?

We build websites which are responsive in order to work on multi-devices and be “mobile friendly”.

Responsive design is a term used by designers and developers to show that they have considered how the website will look on different screen sizes, such as desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The design and layout of the website will typically change depending on the device used.

How many pages do I get with my website?

Typically 8 pages would be designed (x4 pages for a Mini Site), however, you can have more depending on the package you choose. In addition, our ‘Premium Maintenance Contract’ ensures that new pages are being added each month.

Kingdomedia overhaul Rainbow Counselling Sheffield website

Kingdomedia overhaul Rainbow Counselling Sheffield website

Rainbow Counselling Sheffield

Kingdom Creative Media Uk were asked to make an assessment of Rainbow’s existing website and report back on the findings. The website had not had any real maintenance, or SEO, done for a number of years and was falling in Google’s rankings.

On submission of Kingdomedia’s report, we were commissioned to fix and improve the website, in line with up-to-date technology. We rebuilt the site from scratch and gave it some TLC. There is now a Maintenance contract in place and a strategy to ensure that the site works as an asset to the charity. View Rainbow Counselling Sheffield website >

“Thanks so much for all your hard work, we are all so appreciative at Rainbow.
Evelyn Trotman, Senior Counsellor, Rainbow Counselling
If you are interested in finding out how Kingdomedia can help your organisation with digital design, marketing or print, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Websites that are planted and keep on growing

Websites that are planted and keep on growing

Responsive websites by KingdomediaWell, spring is almost here and some planting and watering is starting to take place. With that in mind that’s got us thinking about how similar websites are to plants. A strange comparison you might think to start with, but we think the best websites are those which once initially set up, take ongoing care to keep them thriving.

At Kingdomedia we have been busy lately making updates and edits to many of our sites to keep them current with the latest news, whether that’s in the form of a blog post, or the advertising of an upcoming event.

You’ve no doubt heard about SEO ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which is a technical way of saying ‘making your website the most visible when people make a search’. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make this happen and when it comes to websites it’s the ongoing care that makes the difference. As organisations have become more aware of this, we have been fortunate enough to be entrusted with the Website Maintenance of most of our clients sites.

Our packages are tailor made and can start from as little as £25 per month which saves both time, money and most importantly allows our clients to concentrate on their own role.

See our price list guide.

New website for a Sheffield Angling Supplier, Universal Angling Supplies

New website for a Sheffield Angling Supplier, Universal Angling Supplies

Universal Angling Supplies (UAS) wanted an online presence that was integrated with their eBay shop. They approached Kingdom Creative Media to see how we could help them out.

Theirs is a good example of one of our ‘mini websites’ as part of our business start up package. It has the capacity to sell products from within the site, but also to develop as the business grows. New pages can be added as UAS changes in its needs and requirements. We also created a Facebook fan page for UAS to help them promote their other digital platforms.

Universal Angling Supplies also took out our ‘Premium’ maintenance contract to ensure the site gets regular tlc and stays secure. An added benefit of ‘Premium’ is that Kingdomedia create new posts as part of the News blog, which helps the site to evolve and wins Google’s favour! Visit Universal Angling Supplies website >

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kingdomedia.

Supported Holidays website re-launch

Supported Holidays website re-launch

It’s a good time of year for new things and this year we are excited to showcase Morley Care Services new Supported Holidays website.

As a gesture of goodwill we sometimes like to offer our clients a free refresh of their website. This helps us to ensure that our client is still getting a good return on their investment. It’s also an opportunity for us to freshen up the design, make updates in technology and refresh software. In particular, we were able to totally upgrade Supported Holiday’s News Blog, improving the user experience for their visitors. Not to mention ticking some valuable boxes to bolster the site’s SEO and ultimately win favour with Google.

Also on this website are full details of Morley Care’s newly published holidays for 2019. Morley Care Supported Holidays are fabulous and popular holidays for adults with a learning disability. Since 2010 Derek and Janine Morley have been offering Supported Holidays from the South Yorkshire region. Between them they have developed an excellent reputation for creating fun-filled holidays with holiday-makers returning year after year. Visit: Supported Holiday’s website >

Kingdom Creative Media Uk is a proud sponsor of the Lions International Charity

Kingdom Creative Media Uk is a proud sponsor of the Lions International Charity

We have had a long standing relationship with Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club for over thirty years and are proud to still be partnering in their community work. Kingdomedia have recently overhauled the Lions website, making it much more user friendly for multi-device, including desktop, mobile and tablet usage.

Maltby (Rother Valley) Lions Club news blog by KingdomediaKingdomedia is also helping the local Lions with their digital media. For the latest from their news blog check out the Lions new website.

Is your website ready for an upgrade?

Is your website ready for an upgrade?

We have noticed a new trend of smaller businesses asking us for a professional website, to replace the ‘free DIY version’, which they built themselves when first starting out. Did you build your businesses’s own website? Is it providing the return on the huge investment of time, which you have spent on it? Is it really Google friendly and SEO optimised?

Kingdom Creative Media UK creates Responsive WebsitesMaybe you are thinking it is time to refocus on your business and concentrate on what you are good at. Do you need some help with your digital marketing? 

At Kingdom Creative Media, we have a growing list of clients who trust us to manage their website. To discover how we can help you with your digital marketing (for as little as £34 per month), simply send us a message.

CJ’s Holiday Homes website goes live!

CJ’s Holiday Homes website goes live!

CJ’s go live! We are excited to announce the launch of CJ Holiday’s new responsive  (multi-device) website.

With much work behind the scenes all of the wonderful holiday homes are now available on the site to view and to book. So check out the site and you may find some tempting offers for summer 2018!

Kingdom Creative Media Uk have designed and built this site from scratch, incorporating the client’s existing booking system Supercontrol, which was a huge advantage ensuring that their business remained fully operational throughout the whole process of the web development.

We can also say as a finishing note from personal experience how fabulous CJ Holidays are. We thoroughly recommend them as a holiday provider for their warm and friendly service and wonderful holiday homes. Get booking now!

Another happy customer :-)

Another happy customer :-)

Blog content for SEO (Google loves content)

Supported Holidays website for Morley Care Services, created and maintained by Kingdomedia.

Some great feedback from Morley Care Services today following on from the website and blog that we designed and maintain for their Supported Holidays: “Our holidays have sold like hot cakes this year thanks to the website”. The website we designed last year continues to rise in search engine listings thanks in part to Tag’s blog which is maintained by Kingdomedia. Ongoing website maintenance is SO important to keep a website current and easily findable by customers and clients so that their product or service can keep selling like hot cakes! Keeping a live blog is one great way to do this and is one part of the service offered by Kingdom Creative Media UK.

Need help with your organisations digital marketing, we would be happy to have an informal chat and we love coffee! Message us.

New Website design and build project for CJ’s Holiday Homes

New Website design and build project for CJ’s Holiday Homes

New Website design and build project, for a lovely family owned business in Tattersall Lakes Country Park and Butlins, Skegness.

Preview of newwebsite for CJ's Holiday Homes bu KingdomediaHere’s a sneak preview of a website project which we are currently working on for CJ’s Holiday Homes. CJ’s needed a website refresh and design upgrade to improve the look of their site and to bring it more up to date. We have gone for the owner’s favourite colours as a theme after careful consultation with her and have started our work with a total re-brand and also introduced new company logo as a base for this project. This is a 50+ paged site and growing, with over 600 gallery images, which is keeping us busy and out of trouble.

We wanted to keep this site user-friendly so that visitors can easily access the wealth of information about the holidays on offer and get straight to their holiday home of interest. With the abundance of inviting photographs of lovely holiday homes on offer we have even started to think about our own holidays!

If you are thinking of bringing your website in line with the latest technology, please don’t hesitate to message us. We would be happy to provide advice and we also have very favourable rates, especially for community based organisations.

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