New Website design and build project, for a lovely family owned business in Tattersall Lakes Country Park and Butlins, Skegness.

Preview of newwebsite for CJ's Holiday Homes bu KingdomediaHere’s a sneak preview of a website project which we are currently working on for CJ’s Holiday Homes. CJ’s needed a website refresh and design upgrade to improve the look of their site and to bring it more up to date. We have gone for the owner’s favourite colours as a theme after careful consultation with her and have started our work with a total re-brand and also introduced new company logo as a base for this project. This is a 50+ paged site and growing, with over 600 gallery images, which is keeping us busy and out of trouble.

We wanted to keep this site user-friendly so that visitors can easily access the wealth of information about the holidays on offer and get straight to their holiday home of interest. With the abundance of inviting photographs of lovely holiday homes on offer we have even started to think about our own holidays!

If you are thinking of bringing your website in line with the latest technology, please don’t hesitate to message us. We would be happy to provide advice and we also have very favourable rates, especially for community based organisations.