Colour theory strengthens your brand

Colour theory strengthens your brand

Colour theory strengthens your brand by KingdomediaAt Kingdomedia we understand that colour theory strengthens your brand and is a powerful tool when developing a corporate identity. It’s one of the key nuts and bolts of creating a certain ‘look’ that markets a business or charity. We have gained a reputation for producing vibrant, eye catching designs, so we thought we would elaborate on why we have chosen certain colours in our work.

For CJ’s Holidays Homes we wanted to communicate something of the quality and luxury of the caravans and lodges on offer and also the friendliness of this service. So we focused our design around the colour purple. Purple insinuates a product or service is high-end with the best on offer.

International Freight Solutions Ltd LogoWhen you leave your important parcels with International Freight Solutions Ltd you want to know they are going to be safe and secure. We chose blue as the main colour for this site as it communicates trust. A darker blue also helps to demonstrate the strength and confidence of the business.

Liberty Church Rotherham logoWe picked a lighter blue for Liberty Church as we wanted to communicate all of the above alongside a sense of freedom and calm. This relaxing friendliness translates into trust and hence it is often used by banks, The Co-operative Bank for example.

A sunny yellow was used for the Supported Holidays by Morley Care website to advertise what will hopefully be the fun, sunny and happy holidays that these are. A strong red was used for Anglo Building Services in sophisticated touches to demonstrate a sense of importance, strength and solidity that in turn communicates reliability.

Website creation for Supported Holidays by Kingdom Creative Media UK

Responsive website by Kingdom Creative Media UK for Anglo Building Services

Launching Walker Beckett Mortgages Ltd new website

Launching Walker Beckett Mortgages Ltd new website

At last we can announce that we have launched a new website for Walker Beckett Mortgages Ltd. As part of the UK’s financial services industry, Walker Beckett are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Its role includes protecting consumers, keeping the industry stable, and promoting healthy competition between financial service providers.
This means that before publishing any printed materials or online information, all content is confidential, and has to be checked and approved by the FCA. We have learnt a great deal throughout this process and have been given confidence in this sector as a whole. 
It has been a pleasure to work with Stacy Walker and Steve Beckett designing a wide range of media including, promotional/legal literature, stationary, business cards, social channels and of course their website. We would like to wish them every success in their new business adventure. When Stacy and Steve say: “We work for you and NOT the lender” they really do mean it!
Just catching up to say thanks for all your help in setting the website up. We’re both so proud of it. It looks very fresh and a lot more welcoming than the typical financial services sites…”
Steve Beckett, Walker Beckett Mortgages Ltd
If you are interested in finding out how Kingdomedia can help your organisation with digital design, marketing or print, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
New Architectural website launched by Kingdomedia

New Architectural website launched by Kingdomedia

FC Architecture has been creating and providing innovative architectural plans and concepts since 2010.

Although FC Architecture have a vast range of projects on their portfolio, their website was out of date and not doing them any justice.

Kingdomedia were approached to create a new website which worked on multi-devices and showcased their portfolio. They also opted for our ‘Premium’ maintenance contract, which ensures the site remains secure and regular updates are made resulting in good SEO for a successful, Google-friendly website. Visit FC Architecture’s website:

Is it time to invest in a website that actually enhances your organisation? To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kingdomedia.

New website for a Sheffield Angling Supplier, Universal Angling Supplies

New website for a Sheffield Angling Supplier, Universal Angling Supplies

Universal Angling Supplies (UAS) wanted an online presence that was integrated with their eBay shop. They approached Kingdom Creative Media to see how we could help them out.

Theirs is a good example of one of our ‘mini websites’ as part of our business start up package. It has the capacity to sell products from within the site, but also to develop as the business grows. New pages can be added as UAS changes in its needs and requirements. We also created a Facebook fan page for UAS to help them promote their other digital platforms.

Universal Angling Supplies also took out our ‘Premium’ maintenance contract to ensure the site gets regular tlc and stays secure. An added benefit of ‘Premium’ is that Kingdomedia create new posts as part of the News blog, which helps the site to evolve and wins Google’s favour! Visit Universal Angling Supplies website >

For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kingdomedia.

Website launch for Warmglaze Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Website launch for Warmglaze Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Warmglaze website launchAnother mini-website has been launched for new start-up business Warmglaze Windows and Conservatories. Although these guys have been in the business for over 30 years they have decided to launch out by themselves and have taken advantage of our affordable mini-website design and build package for start-up businesses, handy for that initial time when budgets can be tight.
A mini-website is a great option if you have a small or new business/organisation (or product) which you need to launch fast. With the same quality of design and build as a full website, your website can evolve as your organisation grows. Coupled with a ‘Monthly Maintenance Contract’, the News blog section also grows, ensuring that your website’s content remains attractive to Google.
Business Cards as part of branding for Warmglaze Windows, Doors and ConservatoriesKingdomedia also designed a brand and supplied various printed items, including NCR contract pads, vehicle livery and luxury business cards.
If you are in the Yorkshire region we can also highly recommend Warmglaze ourselves as they have done a great job installing the new doors and windows for Kingdomedia’s office refurbishment! Visit their new website:
To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kingdomedia.
CJ’s Holiday Homes new vehicle livery is getting plenty of attention

CJ’s Holiday Homes new vehicle livery is getting plenty of attention

CJ’s Holiday Homes busiest season always begins with the school summer holidays. We were very excited when CJ’s asked us to create some new full wrap livery graphics for their new Ford Custom Van. Apparently, their new van has already been getting a great deal of attention from families wanting to book their holidays for next year, 2020! 
Having had the privilege of staying on both of their holiday sites (obviously they were working holidays), we can highly recommend CJ’s Holiday Homes. Whether it’s an executive caravan at the bustling Butlins Skegness resort, or a relaxing stay in a lodge at Tattershall Lakes you are guaranteed a fun-packed holiday break. CJ’s Holiday Homes are a small family run business, who have extremely high standards of cleanliness, friendliness and professionalism in their business.
And while we are here it’s also worth mentioning that we also helped CJ’s out with some new quality, velvet business cards and a promotional brochure. To find out more don’t hesitate to visit their website which we created a couple of years ago:
At Kingdomedia we have been designing vehicle livery for many years and have worked on a vast range of commercial vehicles. If you would like to commission us to re-brand your vehicle please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Preview of new Cafe Connect branding by Kingdomedia

Preview of new Cafe Connect branding by Kingdomedia

Here is a sneak preview of the new Identity and branding, which Kingdom Creative Media UK was recently asked to create for a new Community Cafe in Birkenhead. This social-enterprise project is to be known as Cafe Connect and is there to serve the community.

As well as creating their new brand, Kingdomedia have also designed and supplied a variety of graphics in the form of banners for directional signage and promotional ‘A’ Boards. For phase two Kingdomedia is looking forward to producing Frosted Window Graphics and more promotional signage.

Kingdomedia have done such an amazing job of the logo and banner. So glad I pestered my dad to talk to you 🙂

Thanks to Hannah Gregory for recommending us to Liberty Church Wirral!

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