It’s been great to collaborate with our friends at Grene IT to develop the shopping cart feature of Lost Chord’s website. A perfect example of how a website can keep growing and evolving, with the addition of an online shop to help Lost Chord sell items and also tickets for upcoming events. Accessible from the home page of the website we think the shop is both easy to manage for a web visitor but also has that design flair that makes it more than ‘just’ a shopping feature.

Through the online-shop Lost Chord sold over 400 tickets, generating healthy income sales, for a recent Lesley Garrett concert at Doncaster Minster.

Lost Chord Charity's website by KingdomediaIs your organisation’s website in need of a refresh? Is it even compliant with Google’s new security measures? We have been helping many of our clients from the community and voluntary sector to make their websites fully responsive to multiple devices and also remain in favour with Google. Should you like to discuss any of the above issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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