We were busy just before Christmas and after those few extra tweaks here is our latest website completed for Liberty Church, Rotherham. It is also built as a multi-site which means that in future it will be easier (and less time consuming) to add a site for another campus. We like to think ahead!

Liberty Church, Rotherham, RESPONSIVE WEBSITE by KingdomediaWell it’s actually a revamp of the old one, with the same style and branding, but much more forward thinking in that it is also now a responsive website – i.e. it responds to whatever device it is viewed on for optimum viewing.

In addition, we have partnered up with GreneIT, who provide ‘green hosting’ along with SSL certificates, which means that as well as following best practice for more environmentally friendly hosting the website is now more secure. For more details please visit their website: www.greneit.com

As this website is close to our hearts we are pleased that the Liberty Church, Rotherham, website is finally ready for multi-device viewing. The site is colourful and vibrant, which exactly captures the kind of church that Liberty is and we hope that it will set them off on a good start for 2018.

We will soon be giving the same treatment to Liberty Church, Swinton, so watch this space.

If you are thinking of bringing your website in line with the latest technology, please don’t hesitate to message us. We would be happy to provide advice and we also have very favourable rates, especially for community based organisations.