It is a privilege to win the tender and be commissioned to design and build a new website for Lost Chord. Websites are a vital online presence for charities and we wanted this site to attract all the different people that Lost Chord works with, from clients, to volunteers and supporters, and the all-important funders for this great charity.

Lost Chord Charity's website by KingdomediaThe site has been designed in a forward-thinking way so that extra elements, such as an online shop can be added if necessary. It was a humbling experience in completing a photoshoot to support the images on the website and to witness first hand the work that Lost Chord does to support people living with dementia. Check out the videos on this website to get a taste for yourself!

Is your organisation’s website in need of a refresh? Is it even compliant with Google’s new security measures? We have been helping many of our clients from the community and voluntary sector to make their websites fully responsive to multiple devices and also remain in favour with Google. Should you like to discuss any of the above issues please don’t hesitate to contact us.